We covered a wide variety of SQL processes you might need in setting up a database and querying data. Did we cover everything you might need to know? Of course not. It’s only a 3 hour workshop and SQL is a big language. I highly encourage you to look at the resources below to learn more and expand your SQL skills. I also welcome pull requests and submitting issues for typo fixes or ideas for additional content.


W3Schools SQL Materials - This is an excellent reference for SQL syntax with a fun “try it yourself” feature.

Sofware Carpentry’s SQL Novice Workshop

Clark Fitzgeralds & Nick Ulle’s SQL Workshop

Clark Fitzgeralds & Nick Ulle’s SQL Cheatsheet

Michele Tobias’ Spatial SQL Workshop

Lucidchart’s Entity Relationship Diagrams Overview

Diversify Data Science’s Library Checkout Database - v0.1.0-alpha

Working with SQL databases and queries in R: